A typical review from the archives...

A typical review from the archives...

Vovio is still in beta test right now, so there aren't any active blogs running except this and a couple of test sites. One of my goals for the Vovio Network is to create blogs featuring reviews and tips. So today's post is just a test of one of our core features, which is linking to a youtube video, by just using the URL itself.

As such, the video will be the focus, so the YouTube Thumbnail will become the icon. Sounds simple enough, but does it work? Let's see what happens when I use a long form URL, which has the list attached. Will it filter out the noise, and find just the important part? I hope so.

This particular video is one of my most popular YouTube tip / review clips. It describes a hack I discovered to create a remote control for the focus. This let's me stand in front of the camera, turn the auto-focus off, then at the touch of a button, re-focus and insure it remains that way for the rest of the shot.

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