Vovio is a new blogging platform from Joe Crescenzi, the founder of CouponPages and CouponMail. There are several hundred sites in the Vovio Network and more on the way every day.

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LARGE-73 Right now, this site is a worthless pile of crap. It's also the most amazing pile of crap I've ever developed.

That's because my goal wasn't to create a great site, but to create the kind of tools I need to build great sites. I have always a tendency to reinvent the wheel, and Vovio is the wheel the way I want it.

I said to myself, why should I write my own blogging software when WordPress and Blogger are free, and they have a thousand more features, and there's literally over a million plugins out there to make it even better.

I was one of the first people to develop workable web based BBS software over 15 years ago, in fact I wrote 4 completely different platforms back in the 90s that were pretty slick for that time. I didn't market them, but I used them for a few sites and... [More]

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And now for something completely different.

WEB-1 Joe Crescenzi
Staten Island, NY Posted: 8/10/2014 2:30:17 AM
This site was created by Joe Crescenzi, founder of CouponPages.Com, one of the oldest and largest local coupon sites.

This site is just one part in a network of sites called the Vovio Network. Unlike CouponPages, Vovio sites are just for fun, not to sell anything in particular. Just good clean fun.

For an example of the Vovio Network, check out Idea Of the Day

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Thanks for visiting... Ya'll come back again... Ya hear?

WEB-7 Joe Crescenzi
Staten Island, NY Posted: 8/11/2014 1:21:34 PM
I'm very proud of Vovio, to see it in action, visit Idea Of The Day (.com) to see the potential as a great blogging platform.

Now that you've seen, well, nothing in particular, let's not be strangers... come back again when the new stuff is finally in place.

What kinds of stuff? Well, to be honest, I'm a computer geek. I wrote the software to do all sorts of fun stuff, but I designed it specifically so that everyone can start sharing tons of cool things here.

You'll be able to post...

Funny photos.
YouTube Videos,
Photos and videos of cute / funny Cats... Dogs... or other pets.
Coupons (We can't leave them out... after all, this was created by Joe Crescenzi, the Founder of CouponPages).
Vines (short videos that we can''''t help viewing over and over).
Lists... top tens, best-of's... worst-of's... etc.
Goats who sound human.
... and everything else.

Until then, why not look for some coupons, at CouponPages:

We've got local coupons in over 700 cities... and growing.

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